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Automobile Cases

We represent clients who have been injured on a contingency fee basis. There is no out of pocket expense to the client. There is no fee charged in getting the property damage claim paid. We only charge a contingency fee on the bodily injury claim.


We pursue claims against at-fault driver liability policies, uninsured motors claims, underinsured motors claims, and PIP claims. We obtain accident reports and witness statements. We have a network of medical providers that will treat you at no out-of-pocket expense.  We have used licensed investigators and accident reconstructionists.


If you are involved in a collision with a commercial vehicle (i.e., eighteen-wheeler cases), the insurance company has most likely already sent their team of investigators to the scene to gather facts and evidence in their favor.

Cases are won from the groundwork at the beginning of the claim when facts and witnesses are fresh.


We once represented a handicapped individual that died as a result of being hit by an eighteen-wheeler. The police placed him at fault. His case was turned down by other attorneys. We went to the scene and studied the markings on the pavement from the police we then found and interviewed witnesses. We were able to obtain justice for the family of the deceased. By making the extra effort of actually going to the scene and investigating the facts of the case we were able to win the case.

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