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Kim Stovall
Kim Stovall



I was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, and I had the privilege of attending St. Petersburg High School. I then went on to pursue my undergraduate education at Clemson University, before transferring to Florida State University, where I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and International Affairs with a focus on Multinational Business in 1989.

Following my undergraduate studies, I pursued my legal education and earned my Juris Doctor degree in 1995. Throughout my academic journey, I was driven by a passion for international relations and a desire to develop a strong understanding of the complexities of business and law.

Throughout my career, I have leveraged my academic background and professional experience to provide exceptional legal services to clients, focusing on Personal Injury Cases. My commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest developments in law and industry has allowed me to deliver results-driven solutions to clients and build a reputation for excellence in my field.

BA, Florida State University, 1989
Law Degree, Thomas Cooley,1994

Bar Number: 00794458
Admittance: 11/03/1995



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